Upcoming Events

12/24 Candlelight Christmas Eve Service 6:30pm

2/9 Valentine's dinner

2/15-17 Winterfest- Gatlinburg TN


I once aspired to be a great preacher. I thought no activity more noble and glorious. I could almost imagine myself a sought-after preacher, stirring audiences, convicting hearts. But it wasn’t to be. God didn’t gift me that way. He knew best. He knew that to be a pulpit master would have been a great danger for me, and little help to Him. Not that I’ve been much help to Him as it is, but at least I haven’t disgraced Him. God didn’t think it safe for me to risk glory of any kind except to humbly share His glory forever. I still regret I wasn’t up to the task; I still think it’s the noblest of callings. But looking back at the possible dangers I may have escaped, I’m happy and content to be little in my own and in others’ eyes. Just let me enjoy Jesus forever: that’s enough.  All for Jesus, Richard