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11/15: Old fashioned singing in room #5. Join us!    11/19: Thanksgiving service,  no classes Wed. 11/22.   

12/10 Christmas  Banquet Potluck after Bible classes

12/24 Morning Candlelight service @ 9:30am,

 12/24 no evening services


 It’s tempting to think that our unanswered prayers are unacknowledged in heaven, that our petitions never reached heaven. Haven’t we all felt a sense of futility about our prayer life? But we must consider the testimony of Scripture rather than our feeling of disappointment; we must never give up praying. When David says to God, “you put  my tears in your bottle,” he implies that even David’s unuttered distresses are caught as they flow and kept safe by the Lord (Psalm 56:8)  In heaven the twenty-four elders hold “golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints” (Rev. 5:8). Our prayers are always acknowledged in heaven, and added to the volume of the Church’s prayer life and to our Savior’s intercession. God values and jealously guards our prayers, and His Spirit helps the infirmity of our feeble praying, turning our inarticulate groans into acceptable petitions (Rom, 8:26).  All for Jesus, Richard