It seems to me that God’s blessings flow into us most abundantly when they’re flowing out to others most lavishly. All the blessings we enjoy are meant to be shared freely with our faith family and with our neighbors: “Do good to all men as you have opportunity, especially to the household of faith.”

We all want to be blessed, and God wants to bless us. But He has ordained certain principles of giving and receiving. He hasn’t made us warehouses of blessings to be hoarded or doled out scarcely. Or reservoirs of good things to be measured out in trickles. He has made us living springs of blessings always overflowing, always pouring out good will and benevolence in every direction. As long as God’s blessings are flowing out of us, they’ll never cease to flow in: we’ll be like watered gardens “whose streams do not fail” (Isaiah 58:6-12). All for Jesus, Richard














                  Upcoming Events​

​Nov. 24: Angel Tree Kick off!

Dec. 8: Church family potluck lunch!

​Dec. 9: Red Cross Blood Drive 

Dec. 14: Savvy Senior Christmas party

Newnan Church of Christ