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              New Sermon Series                  "Galatians; Gospel of the Heart Set Free" 

March 11th-​Sermon #8
“Promises, Promises”
(Galatians 3:15-25)


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3/24 Honduras B-B-Q Fundraiser

3/31 Bridging the Gap Meal/youth group hosting

3/31 Savvy Seniors LaGrange Bible History Trip @10:30am for ride from church/Sign up needed

4/1 Easter Egg Hunt, everyone is welcome,  hunt begins after classes@11:30am

4/14-22 Honduras Mission Trip


     There’s school of thought on the subject of prayer which says that prayer doesn’t affect God, but us. The purpose of prayer is not so much to get as to teach, to train us in patience, tranquility, selflessness and submission to God’s will. The sad irony of this teaching is that the main value to the pray-er is in his not getting his prayers answered. Prayer becomes for Christians a mere task we perform because God commands us to pray, not because we expect Him to give us what we ask. What a demoralizing and unscriptural view of prayer this is! The Bible is replete with assurances that God wants us to pray and to expect answers to our prayers. Our heavenly Father doesn’t withhold answers so we can learn submission. He wants us to pray His will down from heaven (Matt. 6:10) and to walk joyfully in His Fatherly care.      

                                                     All for Jesus, Richard