Upcoming Events

1/14 Red Cross Blood Drive 3-7pm

1/31 Involvement team meeting 6:30pm

2/3 Winterfest meeting after service(room 9/10)

2/9 Valentine's dinner

2/10 Annual church meeting during class time

2/15-17 Winterfest- Gatlinburg TN


We have before us another year in which to serve our Master. Will our best efforts be spent gathering up every opportunity to glorify our Lord? Or will our coming year be a tale of self-indulgence, stressful striving, anxiety, fear, wasted opportunities? Jesus promised that if we seek His kingdom and righteousness first, with our best efforts concentrated on serving Him, “all these things,” all the necessary things of life that normally occupy and disturb our thoughts, will come to us without anxious striving. If we could only believe that; if we could only trust our future completely to the one who feeds the sparrows and clothes the flowers of the field, with what undistracted joy we could make the most of this coming year!  “Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you” (I Peter 5:7); don’t you know you’re worth more to Him “than many sparrows”?  All for Jesus, Richard