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6/23 Youth GLOW fun night 6-9:30pm

6/23 Bridging the Gap, Hale group


          Heretofore you’ve had no need for miracles of provision.  Your salary, your savings, your pension have been sufficient. Through hard work, thrift and wise planning your future income is secure, predictable.  But what if these certainties fail you? What if the long-predicted economic collapse should come at last and you’re unable to buy or sell unless you make deadly compromises (Rev.13:16-19)? Can you imagine that in such a case you’ll still be at peace, confident in your Father’s provisions?  God has promised to take care of you—if not by one way then by another.  If human aid fails, the treasures of providence will be yours. If government pension fails, the ravens will feed you. If the earth doesn’t yield its wheat, heaven will pour out its manna. More than the birds of the air and the flowers of the fields your Father cares for you; He’ll never forget your need. All for Jesus, Richard       




















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