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In the Bible prayer sometimes sounds like arguing and pleading one’s case before God, a kind of holy reasoning before God, giving reasons He should answer their prayers. For instance Moses argued that Jehovah would look bad to the Egyptians if He killed the recently delivered Israelites.  Abraham made the case that it wouldn’t be just to destroy righteous Sodomites with the unrighteous. “Far be it from you. Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right” (Gen. 18:26)? In neither case was God displeased; rather He responded to their arguments as any reasonable person would. Can we learn anything in this for our praying? I think so. We’d be foolish to argue with God in a negative, complaining manner. But to present good reasons for Him to answer us based on His nature, His promises, and on our relationship to Him is quite reasonable and acceptable to Him. All for Jesus, Richard