Upcoming Events

Dec. 5: 9am-3:30 300Strong.org training at church

Dec. 10: Savvy Senior Christmas party at 11am

​Dec. 11: Deadline for Angel Tree

​Dec. 25: 2pm Christmas day service

Upcoming Sunday Sermons

Starting at 9:30am!

          It’s a faithful practice of Heaven to give the most to those who ask most, to be found only by those who seek with their whole hearts. Only those hungry and thirsty for righteousness are filled. And let’s not forget that only the merchant who sold all he had was able to purchase the “pearl of great price.”  Few enter the narrow way, and many do not: only those who “strive to enter in to the narrow gate” will find it (Luke 13:24). I’ve wondered many times if I’m the only person in our church who’s dissatisfied with my holiness, my righteousness, my power with God, my answered prayers, my harvest of soul. Somehow we’ve let ourselves be content with little. Have you, have I, ever taken hold of God for a blessing, holiness, healing, for anything, and cried out: “I won’t let you go until you bless me”? Blessings, Richard Kirby