​​​Upcoming  Sermons

              New Sermon Series                  "Galatians; Gospel of the Heart Set Free" 

March 25th: A service of scripture & songs on Palm Sunday


Upcoming Events

3/24 Honduras B-B-Q Fundraiser

3/31 Bridging the Gap Meal/youth group hosting

3/31 Savvy Seniors LaGrange Bible History Trip @10:30am for ride from church/Sign up needed

4/1 Easter Egg Hunt, everyone is welcome,  hunt begins after classes@11:30am

4/14-22 Honduras Mission Trip


     Recently I’ve been praying for a sum of money to come to me supernaturally.  I would see that as a sign that I’ll be able to trust God for our future.  I’ve long felt that we need to learn to live supernaturally and to trust God for our security; we can’t be absolutely secure in government pensions, banks, and IRAs.  But instead of trusting God, I was asking Him to give me money now that I don’t need now, so I can trust Him for the future. What an insult to my Father!  Jesus instructed us to pray: “Give us this day our daily bread.” God chose to give the Israelites manna daily and forbade them to store it up. We can’t eat or drink or wear more than today’s food or drink or raiment. If we have enough for today, we have enough.  An unbelieving generation wants tomorrow’s portion today. All for Jesus, Richard