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Sunday Meditation  

The wondrous working of a simple leaf from an ordinary tree is so amazingly complex that only a darkened mind could fail to see the hand of a super wise, super intelligent Mind behind it. Anyone who denies the intelligent design of this incredibly intricate and fine-tuned universe is denying their own sense and logic. Ironically some of the smartest people on the planet think this cosmos came about by chance, not by design. This shows plainly that high I.Q. doesn't equate with good sense; and it shows the truth of Paul's words, "their foolish hearts were darkened"   (Rom. 1:21), and "whose minds the god of this age has blinded" (II Cor. 4:4). I have something I call "the kitchen window argument for God's existence." It goes like this: Look out your kitchen window and try to imagine that what you see came about without God. Our deepest hearts know the truth. All for Jesus, Richard

Upcoming Events

Oct. 24th: Savvy Senior Bonfire @bailey's 4pm

Oct. 27th: Red cross blood drive 

​Nov. 1: Daylight savings ends

Newnan Church of Christ

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