Sunday Meditation

God has a history--a before and after, a history which He shares with us. Before Jesus was born, God was not a man; afterwards He was both God and Man. Edward Fudge wrote a commentary on Hebrews which he called Our Man in Heaven, in imitation of the CIAs habit of referring to their man in a certain location.(For example, Our Man in Moscow.) When Jesus returned to heaven, He took His human nature back with Him; He didn't leave it behind on earth. Paul wrote: "For there is One Mediator between God and men, the man, Christ Jesus. Hebrews calls Him the "Author and Finisher, the Pioneer and Trailblazer," of our souls. He didn't lose one bit of His compassion and tenderness that He had on earth. We still have our divinely perfect Savior, now glorified, but now He is Our Man in Heaven. He did it for us."

All for Jesus, Richard























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Feb. 29: Bridging the Gap/Hale & Noles Group

March 7: Savvy Senior"Case for Chirst" movie@3pm. Culver's dinner

March 8: Spring Forward Daylight savings!

​March 21: BBQ fundraiser for honduras mission trip!

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