​​​For much of my Christian life I’ve reacted to the deadly doctrine of once-saved-always-saved. Lest anyone be careless in his obedience because of a false security, I’ve often stressed those scriptures which warn against falling away or coming short. Indeed God knew the need of some believers to hear that salvation without obedience is impossible and that faith without works is dead. But in recent years I see a need to emphasize the security we have in Christ. Too many Christians look at their imperfect walk, and feel continually condemned, unsure of their standing with God. This has robbed them of confidence in their prayers and their futures. But we have no condemnation; we‘re the righteousness of God in Christ, We can stand in God’s presence without shame, guilt, or sense of inferiority. We approach Him confidently as precious children who are “highly favored” in the Beloved (Eph. 1:6, literal). All for Jesus, Richard





Anxious About Anxiety?  Me Too!

Josh Thames has been a teacher and high school baseball and basketball coach in Nashville, TN for 12 years.  He is currently the Spiritual Formation Director at Goodpasture Christian School.  His wife Kaitlyn is a theater teacher and their four-year-old son Jonas plays soccer and can sit still for nearly a full 30 seconds. Contact Josh at joshthames07@gmail.com.

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