Upcoming Events​

Jan. 20: Anchor youth bowling@2:30pm

Jan. 24-26: Men's retreat@Tanner St. Park

Feb. 2: Annual NCoC meeting after service

Feb. 8: Valentine's dinner@6pm

​Feb. 14-16: Winterfest!

Newnan Church of Christ

   Maybe it’s time for us as a church to “launch out into the deep,” to plunge deeper into the possibilities of our faith. We’ve labored long and caught little. We must admit that we’ve only experienced the shallows of Scripture promises. We need to be deeper in our love for Christ and for each other, deeper in our repentance, deeper in our experience of God’s presence and         power, deeper in our understanding of the Bible, deeper in our humility. How do we achieve this? I wish I had a formula for us. I’m pretty sure it won’t be through “contemplative prayer,” “reinventing our faith,” “spiritual formation,” or studying some trendy new book. I’m convinced that we’ll only go deeper along the time-tested path, through a more intense personal devotion to Christ, through total surrender, and as our hearts cry out in hunger and thirst for more spiritual reality in our lives. All for Jesus, Richard