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9/23 Bridal Shower@3pm for Jennifer Hester

9/21-23 Men's Retreat Weekend


      Things are going well for you right now.  Only minor troubles ruffle your pleasant waters. You do well to be thankful and full of praise. But what if tomorrow brings trouble, tragedy, and suffering? Will you still thank and praise Him? The psalmist tells us to “Trust in God at all times.” (Psalm 62:8).  At all times, in good times and bad: “Always [give] thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Eph.: 5:20). For all things, welcome and unwelcome. When we trust God, everything that comes to us is for our ultimate blessing. My motto is, “do the right thing and trust God for the outcome.” Striving to act in prudence and uprightness, we can rely simply and entirely upon the Lord in everything. There’s absolutely no more blessed way of living than a grateful, upright life lived in simple dependence on a promise-keeping God.  All for Jesus, Richard