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              New Sermon Series                  "Galatians; Gospel of the Heart Set Free" 


Upcoming Events

4/14-22 Honduras Mission Trip

4/28  Savvy Seniors movie day, "Luther" 3pm at church, fellowship meal to follow

5/5 Youth "GLOW" area wide event 6-9pm

5/19 Lake Wedowee Picnic


              At the first bloom of conversion, when our love for the Lord was hot, our zeal high, and the joy of salvation fresh and full, our consciences were intolerant of the least transgression.  We were very sensitive to sin and scrupulous of even minor lapses.  We walked in godly fear, and the least thought of offending God was hateful to us. But with the passing of time and the influence of the world and worldly believers, our consciences grew less tender and our love and gratitude became tepid. We began to tolerate in ourselves minor sins; acceptable transgressions which would at first have been intolerable. Thoughts and attitudes that would once have startled us bother us no more. We excuse and accept in ourselves what we now call “little sins,” happy that at least that we haven’t fallen into open, “serious sin.” And with these declines came joylessness of spirit. All for Jesus, Richard