God is jealous for His glory. Not because He’s a petty God who needs our praise or approval, but because He knows that creatures can have no higher happiness than when they adore their Creator. Created beings are most blessed and most fulfilled when they joyfully embrace their creatureliness, when they acknowledge God’s consummate greatness and their utter           dependence on Him. In heaven those majestic beings who stand closest to God’s throne are so consumed by His infinite holiness that “they do not rest day and night saying: ‘Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come’.” The greatest conceivable human pleasure is to be caught up in an ecstasy of  worship, like those majestic heavenly creatures. All              human misery, the entire human tragedy, arises from our unwillingness to exult in our creatureliness and adore His glory—a glory He wants finally to share with us. All for Jesus, Richard















                  Upcoming Events​

​Nov. 24: Angel Tree Kick off!

Dec. 8: Church family potluck lunch!

​Dec. 9: Red Cross Blood Drive 

Dec. 14: Savvy Senior Christmas party

Dec. 18: Youth Christmas Party

​Dec. 21: Anchor Youth Callaway Gardens trip

Newnan Church of Christ