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              New Sermon Series                  "Galatians; Gospel of the Heart Set Free" 

May 27th

Honduras 2018 Mission Trip

Join us this Sunday for a look at our mission trip & what God is doing in Honduras.



Upcoming Events

5/27 Bridal Shower 3-5pm, Abbygale Garrison

5/31 Savvy Seniors KIA plant tour

6/15-17 Jr. Impact

6/23 Youth GLOW fun night 6-9:30pm


              Throughout the ten years of my apostasy and rebellion, I never stopped “seeking God.”  But it wasn’t the true God I sought.  The true God I denied, avoided, and fled from.  The god I sought was an idol, a god of my own imagination, one who laid no claim on me, but would give me what I wanted without making demands. I thought to find god in eastern religions and the occult.  But the True God wouldn’t validate my errant pursuit; I found no peace anywhere, until God Himself intervened. He loved and pursued me through my rebellion, through my years of mindless, blasphemous arrogance. I wanted to be wise without fear of God, religious without righteous living, secure without sanctity. I now know that the occult and eastern religions are Satan’s tools of deception. Thank God He didn’t write me off.  The God I wasn’t seeking found me! All for Jesus, Richard