Upcoming Events

Sept. 24: Suicide prevention training from 1-6pm in Rm. 5

Oct. 1: Food Safety Training in Room #5 at 11:30am

Oct. 22: Baby Shower for Danielle & Kelly from 3-5pm

Oct. 24: Fall Festival from 11am-3pm. Free Food, games & fellowship


Upcoming  Sermons

Leadership Sermon Series

Starting at 9:30am on Sundays!

In this fallen world it should be plain to anyone that many things occur that are not God’s perfect will. Billions of human souls and demonic spirits with free will oppose God’s will constantly. In creating free agents God freely chose to surrender complete control over His creation. He doesn’t cause sin, sickness, terror and tragedy: His sovereignty isn’t absolute.  But His sovereignty is certainly sufficient to fulfill every word that He has promised or predicted, and to achieve His ultimate aim in Creation.  His control is sufficient that, with overarching providence and minute attention to every falling sparrow and every hair of our heads, He accomplishes His good end for human history. Though He permits sin, Satan, suffering and death to pervert “this present evil world,” God will, in the end, have His wonderful way as He “works all thing according to the counsel of His will” (Eph. 1:11). All for Jesus, Richard