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Missions - Philippines
Missions - Philippines

Salvador Cariaga is a Filipino who splits his time between the US and the Island of Cebu. He has been a long time missionary to his home country and has started the non-profits, Shepherd’s Hill Int. & Give a Goat Foundation, as well as Trash-to-Treasures, a ministry that turns recycled materials such as paper and plastic into unique jewelries and bags. For more information, please contact him at or call 817-480-1287.

As a Co-founder of Shepherd’s Hill, his goal is to help fight poverty and break the cycle of financial dependency in the Philippines through trade, not just aid. He empowers his indigenous team to improve their lives through medical, socio-economic, medical and evangelistic ways.

Give-a-Goat, which he also founded, uses the gift of goats to impoverished villages, thus giving them the tools they need to become self-sufficient. The Puchong church of Christ of Malaysia is currently helping with food expenses for his young administrative team to live on while helping manage his many projects. He currently works in 3 main areas.

Cebu – Livelihood training & a store for young men & women to sell their goods and crafts to make extra money for their family. Preacher training and Christian Bible College. Surgeries for cleft lip & palate repair as well as tumor removals. Helping with VBS and other evangelistic programs.

Compostela – Farm & Livelihood assistance through goat and pig farming as well as chickens, agriculture goods, and craft products to sell. VBS and other evangelistic programs.

Bogo City– Arapal Christian camp that combines children’s home and agricultural and craft livelihood programs. Surgeries for cleft lip & palate repair, as well as tumor removals, and other evangelistic programs
Disaster Relief– All over southern Philippines.