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5/29  Summer Speaker Series Begins

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6/22 Savvy Seniors Lake Wedowee Trip 

6/29 Anchor Youth Callaway Gardens

June 5th - 7:00pm

Newnan Church of Christ

When I first came to Christ, it was like coming home  after a long, futile wandering. I remember early on attending a service in an African-American church, during which a black sister stood up and testified, “I’ve come from a long way off!” She drew the words out with great emphasis and passion. I remember feeling just like she sounded—SO happy to be home! The far country is remote,  uncongenial, unwelcoming, unsuitable for life; The bosom of the Father is where we were created to rest. The Parable of the Prodigal Son shows us the Father’s heart as no other passage in the Bible does. If only I could always feel the humility and gratitude I felt then! If only I could fully believe the love and unqualified acceptance the Father has for me! May I always see myself as a returning prodigal, and never as an elder brother.  All for Jesus, Richard






Anxious About Anxiety?  Me Too!

Josh Thames has been a teacher and high school baseball and basketball coach in Nashville, TN for 12 years.  He is currently the Spiritual Formation Director at Goodpasture Christian School.  His wife Kaitlyn is a theater teacher and their four-year-old son Jonas plays soccer and can sit still for nearly a full 30 seconds. Contact Josh at joshthames07@gmail.com.